"Windows Seven" Top Feature List leaked out

A huge list of features and updates, part of the Windows Early Feedback Program, has been leaked by a Microsoft Insider.

The list, which is available from Neowin and many others, is a compendium of requests from Windows users both inside and outside the Microsoft.

Although they appear to be in random order, they are arranged in categories - namely new features, change features and bug correction - and deal more with the front end of Windows rather than the underlying structure of the operating system.

According to Arstechnica though, the list does not necessarily include features that will appear in the final version of Windows 7.

Surprisingly - and given the growing importance that companies have placed on customer feedback through social driven features, Microsoft has yet to come with a Digg-like vote-for-your-feature like companies like Salesforce's Idea Exchange and Dell's Ideastorm.

Amongst the five most pertinent and easily implementable ideas are (a) the possibility fo reopen closed Tabs in Internet Explorer, something that Firefox (and Maxthon) has had for years now (b) a Picture in Picture functionality for Media center (c) an improved multi taskbar for Multi-monitor (d) a Windows Gaming Mode and (e) a family license which would allow families to purchase a 5-seat license for a small premium.