15,000 testers get Vista SP1

Microsoft is betting that the new Service Pack for Vista will help the beleagured Operating System live up to its WOW hype.

In an interview with Ina Fried of CNet, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Mike Nash, agreed that a non-negligeable portion of early Windows Vista users have been plagued by a number of issues which he hopes will be resolved by SP1.

The release candidate of Vista SP1, which marks the last step before it is sent out to Vista users, has been released to 15,000 preselected vetted testers through Microsoft's Connect test site.

SP1 is said to be on target for a Q1 2008 release, more than a year after Vista has been released.

Nick White from WindowsVistablog.com has given a few more details about some udpates that will be bundled in SP1. These include improvement to the system compatibility, reliabilty and stability with regards to mobile devices and the use of Wireless Network services.

There's also a patch to alter the USB core components which affects systems returning from sleep or hibernation, fixing problems causing 1-2% of all crashes reported.