Apple launches updates for Tiger

Apple has signalled the start of a new round of updates by giving owners of the Mac OS X 10.4 a software patch that will several issues and bugs in the Tiger OS, something akin of a service Pack for Windows.

The download is available either through Software Update or through Apple's Website.

The list of 41 updates includes the new Safari 3 browser (which incidentally is now out of Beta), support for Virtualisation software VMWare, security updates as well as improving the reliability when mounting an external USB drive and the compatibility with third party wireless WAN devices.

Apple has also updated the combo update for all Mac OS X 10 from version 10.4.1 which was released back in May 2005. The combo download weighs a hefty 321.5MB, half a CDROM worth of code.

Several other updates to Applications like DVD Studio Pro and iPhoto have also been released which will improve general performance issues rather than close security holes.

There's also a new Safari 3.0 Beta Patch which fixes code execution vulnerability in the browser on Vista and XP platforms.

The first update to Mac OS X 10.5.1 is expected to come before the end of November.