Dweeb hackers have a `laugh' after hacking what.cd database

It looks like some dweeb wanna-be hackers have decided to have a laugh at the expense of others after they somehow accessed the user files of the what.cd BitTorrent indexing Web portal.

In an spoofed email sent to what.cd users from the RIAA, the hackers says that, if the user is a former user of the OiNK Pink Palace Web BitTorrent portal - which was closed down last month - they had better stop using what.cd if they want to avoid an RIAA lawsuit.

According to the Idolator Web portal, the email is a pretty obvious fake and "appears to be someone's idea of a joke to freak out What.cd users with a spoof email from the RIAA."

Call me petty, but I don't think it's a joke. It's a totally bad taste hack that shows how immature the dweeblet wanna-be hackers really are.

No offence...