GBP 99 Google PC, a surprise hit

The USD 200 Google based PC has been hailed as a roaring success as Walmart's stores have been emptied of the Everex TC 2502 aka, the Google PC.

There are reports that the computers have been on sale on Ebay for more than its listed price of USD 200 (although we were unable to find any).

The computer has had excellent reviews posted online both from seasoned Linux users and novice ones as well.

Walmart has yet to confirm whether more Everex TC 2502 are on the way or whether the gOS system was only a test run, to gauge how popular a low cost, commodity PC would be.

NewEgg and ZaReason both have stocks of the TC2502 at the time of writing.

The computer is based on a Ubuntu Operating system which is not as resource hungry as Windows latest XP Operating system and comes with a taskbar that allows web apps to be launched without starting your internet browser.

gOS (Green OS not Google OS) uses Google applications mainly although the search giant is not an investor or a supporter of gOS.