Google's Android to bypass Java

Google's engineers have designed and written their own Virtual Machine, codenamed Dalvik, and integrated it as part of the Android Mobile Phone Platform.

Sun is reportedly not happy at all about that. Obviously, not able to participate in what is potentially the biggest deployment of a single platform in computing story is something that can get a company the size of Sun Microsystems a tad annoyed.

Google has been very careful in avoiding using the word Java in any of its Android-related press release.

Views diverge as to why Google chose to go alone. Some say that it is because Sun has imposed IP licensing restrictions on the Java Virtual Machine whereas others say that it is based on technological requirements.

There are suggestions that Google could be in trouble if the company has been found using Sun's intellectual property in developing Dalvik.

Expect Sun Microsystems to become more aggressive with regards to Dalvik as Google's Alternative to Java Micro Edition could potentially ruin Sun's ambition to grab a sizeable chunk of the mobile market through IP licensing.