Hackers now looking at company processes

Interesting to read on a Philippines newswire that hackers have evolved from breaking into computer systems without permission to analysing company IT processes.

The trend, which has been identified by Richard Velasco, a senior technical consultant with Symantec's Philippines operation, means that the bad guys are no longer just hacking into servers or workstations.

"They're targeting people and processes," he said, adding that this could be seen as indicating that companies have been protecting their networks and that hackers have been forced to adapt.

The good news, he said, is that even in the Philippines, companies are installing adequate IT security technologies to protect their IT resources.

But it's not all rosy in the marketplace, however, as Velasco notes that investing in security products is not the same as managing it properly.

Companies, says the Symantec expert, are struggling to follow best practices, owing to the number of new IT security threats that are arriving on a regular basis.

For this reason, the IT security vendor says, companies need to turn to IT security firms like... Symantec.

A bit of a recursive argument, but I suppose it's valid enough.

Have a happy weekend everyone...