Online emails catching up in UK Financial sector

A survey released by Stoneshot shed some light on how fund managers manage their email communications.

StoneShot surveyed 100 Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) to find out how they respond to the email communications they receive from fund managers.

The research showed that email is still the de facto medium for communicating fund and industry news.

89% of IFAs check their email at least every hour and a huge 23% use a mobile device such as a Blackberry or SmartPhone to check their email on the road.

Gavin John, CEO of StoneShot said “We were really surprised by the number of intermediaries using mobile devices. There’s been almost a four-fold increase in Blackberry and SmartPhone usage over the last year supported by a 50% jump in the use of online email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Google. IFAs are clearly embracing technology to remain connected while out meeting their clients.”

The survey also showed that 70% check their email at home and in the office, blurring even more the separating line between the home and the office environment.

The report however failed to highlight the security risks and issues that might be associated with the use of online email accounts.