Teen arrested over theft in Virtual Hotel

Crime doesn't pay, especially in the real world. A 17 year old individual in the Netherlands has been arrested following the stealing of virtual objcts in a popular Finnish social networking site called http://www.habbo.com Habbo Hotel.

The site, which has six million unique visitors out of a pool of 80 million registered members, is a popular virtual destination for teenagers with 75000 new registrations everyday.

The teenager was part of a real life gang which conned victims into providing them with their login and passwords.

They would then, like on Ebay, impersonate the genuine person and start scamming registered users.

Police states that the items, pieces of virtual furniture which have been "stolen" were worth around GBP 2800.

The authorities did not provide with more information over what kind of furniture was stolen and how many items were involved.

As the Guardian and BBC report, Virtual theft is a global and growing issue - especially in Asia.

People are known to have died or have lost real money because of what is essentially a few nice graphic 2D icons and a few codes in a database.