Google launches video adverts in UK and Ireland

Following the US launch of video adverts by Google, the search giant has decided to expand its offering to UK, Ireland and Canada for the time being, stopping short of a full European launch.

According to a post on Google Official Adsense Blog, publishers will be able to choose individual videos to be displayed in their video units. This will provide with more flexibility and control to whoever controls the medium.

The roll out will take a few days and will enable website owners to earn extra revenue from "relevant, non-intrusive ads that accompany the videos" that will be played within a website thanks to an embedded media player.

As for other previous Google advert solutions, implementing video adverts will be as easy as copying and pasting a few lines.

The move comes nearly a month after Google PageRank started taking action against suspected Blog Link farms, sinking some well known websites in the process.

AOL has also introduced Video Ticker Ads which are graphic banners that is integrated within a streaming video without obstructing the video viewing experience.