site hacked by the Russian Business Network?, the job-seekers' Web site, had part of its site taken offline yesterday after the company realised that some of its pages were being used to infect visitors with a multi-exploit attack kit.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Russian Business Network was behind an iFrame attack on the Web portal's servers.

As of the wee small hours UK time, all of the company's Web site was taken offline, although the site appeared to be fully operational as of mid-morning.

This suggests that the site operators brought the portal back up using back-up systems.

Computerworld, meanwhile, quotes Roger Thompson, CTO with Exploit Prevention Labs, as saying that's surfers were hit by Neosploit, an attack toolkit similar to the Mpack hacker utility.

Like most iFrame exploits, the hack silently redirected the user's Web browser to another site hosting Neosploit, from where a variety of malware was loaded on the users' PC.

This isn't the first time that has hit the headlines - back in August the company admitted that hackers had been able to access its database for several weeks.

The hackers are said to have used the downloaded information to sent targeted e-mails pitching money laundering jobs or simply trying to persuade recipients to download assorted malware...