Firefox 3 Beta 1 released

Firefox fanboys rejoice; Mozilla has officially released Firefox 3 Beta 1 browser but it doesn't solve one of Firefox's biggest gripes.

Since Firefox 2.0 launched, the browser has been plagued with memory leaks, instances where Firefox takes as much memory as it can until it freezes up or crashes.

This complaint - which affects both Mac and PC users - has been reported and documented by thousands users but hasn't been resolved yet.

Unfortunately, Firefox 3 Beta 1 won't be the saviour of those looking to get rid of the memory leaks as it crashed on reviewers at Techcrunch and ZDnet.

That said, FF3 does bring a number of new features and improvements. For example, the HTML rendering engine is quicker and makes use of hardware acceleration, which means that the browser will use the computing power of dedicated graphics card better.

In addition, the favourites management system called places which is a substantially rehauled solution, allowing complex search queries based on keywords and more. ZDnet bloggers note that this version also has better security with a revised password management and download procedures, including clearer security messages.

The bottom line though is that Firefox the third is probably not worth using as your main browser at least for a foreseeable future until a more stable version comes out.