Google growth in US slows down in October

Hitwise released some figures on Monday which showed how extensive the domination Google has on the US Search Market.

Google is nearly three times bigger than the next second biggest search engine Yahoo (64.49 per cent vs 21.65 per cent).

Yahoo and MSN market share have both decreased since October 2006 to the benefit of Google and which is quickly catching up on Microsoft's Search engine.

Also worth noting is the presence of 49 other search engines which accounts for a meagre 1.68 percent of the US Search Market.

Hitwise's release also showed that generally search engines are the primary way Internet users navigate key industry categories like Travel, Entertainment, Business and Finance.

Worryingly for the rest of the US Search Industry, Google's grip on those key categories has been tighter since last year with the Google's lucrative business and finance category registering a whopping 30.81 jump in share of traffic.