Could Linkedin join the Sun, WSJ and Myspace?

Mike Butcher from Techcrunch heard some rumours from a "reliable source" that News Corporation is on the verge of buying Professional Social networking website Linkedin.

If this was the case, Linkedin would join News Corp roster of online properties, Photobucket, Myspace and Wall Street Journal amongst the better known.

The move to close on Linkedin would represent a natural evolution for Murdoch's company as it tries to recover from ever growing decreases in newspaper advertising.

The company, which is private, was created by one of the original "Paypal Mafia" members after the online payment company was sold to Ebay.

But let's not forget that Linkedin on its own is already a very popular and mature product, especially across the lucrative professional market.

The site has more than 16 million registered users worldwide and one million in the UK alone.

It has nearly tripled in size in the past year or so, is about to enter Alexa's top 100 most visited websites and an overwhelming proportion of FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies have their employees' profiles on Linkedin.

If Linkedin is indeed acquired by News Corp, it will certainly benefit from the halo effect produced by the Wall Street Journal presence.