Startup brings Microsoft Office online

A company backed by Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia, has launched a platform that "the strengths of the desktop and the web into a synchronized solution that leverages the best of both worlds".

Live-documents is based in India and its eponymous product resembles Nivio, a solution, brought by another Indian firm, that replicated your Windows Desktop on any computer in the world.

The product allows you to access your documents on the web or on the desktop, view and edit them from anywhere at any time and use your existing Office application (Microsoft Office and even Open Office) as a smart client that allows asynchronous access to your documents.

Live-documents ranks well against other solutions and offers other goodies like Real-Time “Push and Pull” Synchronization and seamless backup, all in a package that Live Documents calls a "services PLUS software" value proposition.

It doesn't replace Microsoft Office though, it merely complements it and makes it more connected - filling a wide gap that Microsoft has yet to attend to.

Speaking of Microsoft, one can't help but think that Microsoft has tacitly approve the move by Live-documents.

Apart from the obvious connection, Live-documents uses Microsoft Office Logos (as well as their names) all over the website without any Trademark, Registered or Copyright marks.

Some though have clearly vented out their scepticism in launching a service which Microsoft could easily wipe out or purchase overnight.

Maybe that's what they're trying to do.