Vista adoption facing an uphill battle

A recent survey produced by King research for system management vendor Kace showed that an overwhelming percentage of IT Professionals in the sample said they had worries about migrating to Windows latest operating system with only 13 percent of the lot - that's one out of every seven professionals - saying they will eventually be fully deployed on Vista.

Indeed the majority of them did not have any plans to deploy Windows Vista within their enterprises and even more worrying for Microsoft, nearly half of them would rather move to alternative operating systems such as Linux and ... Macintosh - the preferred option - in order to avoid moving to Vista.

Apart from the complexity of the migration and the fact that it is seen as fundamentally unstable factor, some analysts reckon that issues related to cost and training are also major obstacles to the propagation of Vista within medium and large organisations.

Microsoft is banking on Vista's first service pack to beckon IT departments.

Two-thirds of the respondents also point out that Virtualisation will be a major tool in enabling the implementation of alternative operating systems.

Interestingly, the Kace survey comes only a few days after analyst firm Forrester Research suggested that Vista deployment is just about to pick up in firms and companies across the board.