Android Maker : Java is our primary foundation

In an interview given to Cnet, ex-Danger and now, Google's director of Mobile Platforms, Andy Rubin expanded over the plans of Google to dominate the world of mobile phones, the same way Windows conquered the desktop.

Rubin also came clear regarding the fact that Java will be the primary foundation for the Android platform.

Whether this will be enough to quash Sun's fear about Google's Android remains to be seen.

Java's creator is worried that Google might cause a maligned fracture within the Java community to occur ... like Microsoft's attempt nearly a decade ago.

Rubin also gave more technical details about the Android SDK. It is 250kb in size and will require 32MB of RAM, 32MB of flash memory and a 200MHz capable processor which is roughly what a five year old PDA could provide.

Google Mobile Supremo did not exclude the idea that Android could one day power laptops (like the Asus EEE or the OLPC) and has dismissed fears that Google would monopolise Android to funnel its own adverts.