Apple iPhone going down in charts

PC Advisor reports that the iPhone might not live up its hype of being the ultimate gift in the build up to Christmas.

According to a research by GfK NOP, only 2 percent of interviewed people in a sample survey said that they would add Apple's iconic device to their wish list, although 75 percent of the respondents said they were aware of the iPhone.

Price was the number one reason why people wouldn't buy the iPhone with the researching firm pointing to the fact that, in a market where phones are subsidised by line rental, people prefer to not to pay for what they use to get free.

PC Advisor ran its own poll earlier in November and found out that only a tiny 5 percent of those surveyed said they would purchase an iPhone any time soon with nearly nine out of ten saying they were not interested by the phone and a whopping 56 percent saying they would never buy one.

The news come a few days after the Register wrote that Apple's exclusive UK operator has activated less than 27,000 iPhones over the past two weeks which is far below the estimated 100,000. Similarly, the Carphone Warehouse, which is O2's distribution partner for the iPhone, managed to sell only a fifth of its initial stock in the first week.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that Apple invested heavily in marketing and publicity, and although the iPhone has quickly become a household name, it is one Apple product that is leaving punters cold.