Peer-to-peer lawsuit filed against US ISP

An interesting legal case has popped out of the woodwork in the US, where a customer of Comcast, the North American cable company, has sued its ISP division for allegedly throttling P2P data traffic.

The lawsuit claims that Comcast has effectively broken its contract by failing to provide "unfettered access to all the Internet has to offer."

Even more interesting is the fact that Vuze, a firm that uses BitTorrent to distribute its commercial content, has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission along similar lines.

Some experts are predicting that the FCC may come down on the side of Vuze, so creating a precedent that effectively forces ISPs in the US to stop throttling BitTorrent and other P2P file transfers.

If that were to happen, it could create an interesting situation here in the UK. Now where did I put Ofcom's public complaints phone number...