Sky moves one million to Google Apps

The fourth largest Broadband Company in UK has been moving its one million email customers to Google Mail and other services.

This would help Sky reduce cost associated with providing peripheral features like online webspace and email as users who expect multi gigabyte email inboxes are confronted to ISP's tiny inbox storage.

However, The Mirror and other websites are reporting that the transition is not going out smoothly and thousands have been left without email for two weeks already.

Affected customers were those who used third party desktop email clients like Eudora, Thunderbird or Outlook to access their accounts.

A Web user reader told the online web-zine that Sky's technical support department was unable to help him and were seemingly unaware of the problem.

Google is keen to capture as much marketshare as possible by recruiting domain name resellers to push Google apps to new domain registrants.

Big G has issued an API to help end users setup services easily.

Google Apps includes a business application suite, Google calendar, Google mail and instant messenger and a host of other lesser known online applications.