Barracuda Networks reports weekend phishing surge

Research from Barracuda Networks, the Web/email security appliance vendor, suggests that thousands of new phishing Web sites appeared over the holiday weekend in the US, as hackers seemingly worked overtime to flood punters' mailboxes with spoofed messages.

The surge was particularly noticeable, the company says, on Friday, the first day of the four-day holiday weekend, with a significant increase in the volume of fake Web pages targeting popular shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon and Paypal.

According to Dean Drako, Barracuda's president, his researchers typically see an increase in phishing activity before a regular two-day weekend, but the volume over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend was quite astounding.

The situation looks set to continue, as well, as punters start to ramp up their online shopping for Christmas.

The solution is clear - only go to popular sites for your online shopping and then key in the Web site address yourself, or use your browser favourites index...