Will weak signals nail iPhone?

Wil Harris reported yesterday in the latest TWIT.tv podcast that his iPhone has suffered from weak signal receptions.

He did an empirical test - using different O2 phones and different networks - to find out whether it was the phone or the network which was to blame and found out that the iPhone was the culprit.

And he's not alone. Lawlbaker2 has started a thread on his poor signal strength on Apple Discussions, the official Apple user forum, and after one day, received nearly 150 replies and several thousands of views.

Some feedbacks he received on the thread indicate that there might be a defective batch of iPhones; something that Harris suggested as well.

Others like Jia10 posit that this might be a software issue that can be solved by an update.

He and Lawlbaker 2 also found out that the strength of the signal was boosted when the iPhone was placed on its dock, even if the latter is not connected to anything else.

Computerworld wrote that Apple and O2 have both been informed of the problem although O2 denied any problems with its network.


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