DS and Wii hot favourites for Console of the year title

Amazon has revealed that it has been selling its stock of Nintendo Wii in just 10 minutes, following HMV's claim that it stock went in little more than half an hour.

This could lead to a downfall in revenues for Nintendo as it loses on sales four weeks before Christmas.

Wii consoles on Ebay are currently selling for around GBP 300, which is more than a Playstation 3 for example.

Nintendo are apparently manufacturing 1.8 million Wii gaming consoles per month which is still not enough to meet demand.

The Wii has been almost continuously out of stock ever since it has been released in the UK.

However, you can always pop across the Chunnel and go to France or Germany and pick up a Wii for roughly GBP 160.

In other news, the Nintendo DS handheld has set a new UK sales record by selling 191,000 units in one week.

The DS was released back in November 2004.

Unlike competing gaming consoles, Nintendo has blended known celebrities (like Ian Wright and Nicole Kidman), common people and screen play in its advertising campaign.


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