Google bows to Israeli court, provides blogger IP address

Google has been hailed as a privacy champion after refusing several times to release data regarding its users.

However, things appear to change at Googleplex as Google Israel has agreed to supply the IP address of an Israeli blogger who has been accused by the local authorities of "slandering" three local councillors.

The blogger was using Google's service to publish articles which were found to be defamatory in nature in an Israeli court of justice.

Whether Google plans to do the same in other countries, like China or Russia, will prove to be a clincher in deciding whether Google is a winner or whimpering wimp.

A Google Spokesman though made it clear that the Search Engine company has a clear "terms and conditions" document which stipulates that whoever violates the law of the land might find himself or herself in trouble.

Yahoo has been criticised several times for disclosing information about a Yahoo user.

But there's a fundamental difference between Yahoo and Google when it came to disclosing the information according to Techcrunch, Yahoo was presented with a legal demand for information on an anonymous user, Google has voluntarily provided this information in Israel.

And that might create a nasty precedent.