Microsoft plans super data processing centre

Russian newspaper Cnews reports that Microsoft is planning a massive data processing centre in Russia, somewhere between Irkutsk and Angarsk.

The DC will comprise of tens of thousands of servers with a total power consumption of 50 Megawatts and a cost of roughly USD 500m.

Microsoft has not ruled out the possibility of building more Data Processing Center

One of the reasons why Microsoft decided to go to Siberia is because it is cold out there, which would help keeping data processing centre cooling costs down.

Datacenterknowledge reports that the average temperature in Irkutsk is below zero in December.

The data-centre will be connected to a Transtelecom high speed fibre optic line and will be used mainly as an outsourcing solution for Microsoft customers.

The Microsoft initiative appears to be fuelled by the recent DC race it has with Google to build more and more data centres all over the world with expected investments of up to USD 4 bn from the two tech giants.

Google has been vocal about building portable data centres, something that Microsoft has yet to support.