Wordpress platform used to disseminate malware?

Free is something that motivates action and this is what Hackers are betting on to lure bloggers into becoming innocent partners in crime.

Gigaom is reporting that Hackers are using the flexibility of the Wordpress platform, both as hosted platform and as an independent blogging system, to try and disseminate spurious and malicious code.

One of the reasons for Wordpress' success lies in the fact that everyone can build a Wordpress theme and share it with others.

Wordpress' popularity has attracted the attention of unscrupulous people who have started to give away free Wordpress theme with encrypted codes.

Some of them only pull adverts for the theme's creator and in theory; the same approach could be used to tempt bloggers to house malicious code.

One proposed approach would be the automatic vetting of each and every theme and the setting up of a central repository.

There are some concerns that other open source applications such as Postnuke could be used as backdoors for hackers.