Adobe and Yahoo start PDF advertising solution

Adverts are about to take on one of the last content bastions: Adobe's hugely popular Portable Document Format or PDF.

According to, Yahoo and Adobe are planning to bring pay per click advertising to the platform so that publishers can deliver ads in PDFs distributed through websites, P2P networks and emails.

A beta of the platform is currently being tested by IDG which publishes PC World and PC Advisor, Reed Elsevier (Computerweekly), Wired, Pearson's Education and Meredith Corporation.

The publishers, Adobe and Yahoo will all three get a share of the profits. Intriguingly however, the user will be able to get rid of the text advertising by closing down the panel.

As the adverts are dynamic - they refresh regularly, assuming the reader has an always-on connection, PDF advertising could also prove to be a conduit for malware or malicious code.

It is not known whether alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader (like Foxit Reader) will be compatible with the technology.

It could also provide Amazon with some food for thoughts on how to get more revenues through its Kindle e-book platform.