Child Register Delayed after Disc Blunder

The Children Minister, Kevin Brennan, announced that security surrounding the Child Register project will be reviewed in details following the HMRC blunder earlier this month.

In a statement, the minister added "Over the past few months we have been considering the substantial stakeholder feedback we have received, and looked at the implications that the proposed changes could have on the system, it is clear from the considerable work we have done so far that we will need more time than originally planned to address the changes to ContactPoint which potential system users suggested".

The database will contain the address, medical and school details of all those under the age of 18 - 11 million children - who live in the United Kingdom and comes after the death of Victoria Climbie which highlighted the lack of communication between various governmental bodies.

The project has been suspended until April 2008 and the review will be carried out by Deloitte.

The Contactpoint database is worth GBP 244m although the final tab is expected to rise and its maintenance will be done at the cost of GBP 40m by Cap Gemeni.

The database has been criticised several times since it has been announced, partly because it will hold a substantial amount of data (including medical records) and will be available to nearly 400,000 civil servants.