Encrypted P2P traffic on the rise

A German based company, iPoque, who specialises in bandwidth management solutions (in other words, bandwidth shaping applications) released some figures collected between August and September 2007

It shows that Eastern Europe has the highest percentage of P2P traffic relative to other internet traffic, only 17 percent of all internet traffic is NOT P2P.

Interestingly, the figures cover areas which are not traditionally covered by the media when it comes to statistics - Eastern and Southern Europe, Middle East and Australia.

The company, which analysed 3 million Gigabytes of data from one million users, found out that 20 percent of all Bit Torrent traffic (which can make up to 46 percent of All internet traffic) is encrypted.

The survey also showed that P2P bandwidth consumption rises to a stunning 95 percent at night which shows that there are a substantial number of computers which remains connected to the internet 24x7.

iPoque also noted a substantial rise in Direct Download Link with popular websites like Megaupload.com or Rapidshare.com quickly becoming household names in Alexa's Top 20 ranking.