French Unlocked iPhone cheapest in Europe

Apple's iPhone will be sold for GBP 535 unlocked in France.

That's what exclusive French distributor Orange has announced after the French authorities had made it clear they would not allow locked phones.

The phones will cost Orange customers Eur 649 and an additional Eur 100 if another operator is chosen.

Still, that's nearly twice the price you would pay for a locked iPhone in the UK and represents a hefty charge for what amounts for a mere change in code.

This is less expensive than the Eur 999 that German customers are being charged by T-Mobile.

Orange will charge only Eur 399 with for an iPhone airtime contract of 12 months; these include free internet access although VoIP, P2P and using it as a modem are strictly forbidden.

Apple plans to sell between 400,000 and 500,000 phones in the first year, which is certainly possible given the proximity of the German and British markets.