Toshiba launches green with new scheme

Toshiba has announced a new scheme which allows laptops purchasers to offset their carbon settings when they purchase a new laptop from the tech giant.

On a dedicated website, Toshiba purchasers can donate GBP 1.18 (£1 + VAT) to Toshiba carbon offset partner co2balance who will then plan trees to offset the 1000 kilos of Carbon Dioxide emitted by your laptop during its lifetime.

The trees will be planted in Cumbrian Woodland and managed by co2balance.

Some however like T3 are slightly sceptical about the scheme, rightly pointing that it is the purchaser, rather than Toshiba, who is offsetting the carbon.

In comparison, Sony is giving one percent of the profit it makes on their Vaio FZ Graphic Splash Eco edition to green charities.

Dell did have a similar campaign earlier this year, called "Plant a tree for me" and many companies - Google and HP notably - are trying to surf on the popularity of Environment-friendly marketing schemes.

And to sum it up, Techdigest.TV lashes out at Toshiba, saying that "It's unfortunate that this Carbon Zero initiative from Toshiba reeks of being just a token gesture to conform to the green du jour movement, and that they're simply taking advantage of peoples' (SIC) laziness and guilt."