Half of world population is mobile equipped

Research firm Informa published a report showing that It took little more than a quarter of a century for the worldwide mobile phone subscriptions to reach 3.3 billion, which is half the world's population.

The Asian market has experienced the most growth, especially China - which has the world's biggest mobile phone operator - and India.

Informa also revealed that 59 countries have more than 100 percent phone penetration, which means that these countries are not only mature markets, but that a substantial portion of their citizens have more than one phone.

The report also highlighted the gap in the Average Revenue Per User in mature and emerging markets.

Informa gave the example of Hutchison Whampoa's 3 whose ARPU in UK is GBP 420 per annum, while Hutchison's Sri Lankan branch records an abysmal GBP 18 per year.

Most operators use GSM technology to spread mobile technology with CDMA a distant second.

Vendors like ZTE, Nokia and Motorola are now looking at the remaining 50 percent of the world population who do not own a mobile phone, in a bid to sustain their rate of growth.


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