101-year-old turned down for Bread PAYG debit card

I am indebted to the Currant Bun newspaper for a story about a 101-year-old pensioner who had her application for a Bread PAYG debit card turned down because the card issuer's systems couldn't cope with her year of birth.

According to the Sun, that bastion of in-depth reporting (and ladies' upper naughty bits - Ed), Winifred Hunt, who received a telegram from the Queen last year, was turned down for a Bread card after the dropdown menu on the online form only went back to 1907.

The situation was resolved after her granddaughter contacted the firm to explain what was happening. Bread then adjusted their systems to accommodate dates of birth going back to 1897.

Nice one - I'm well impressed that a 101-year-old is surfing t'Internet and has obtained a PAYG Maestro debit card. I wonder if I'll be around when I'm 101, let alone capable of logging on.

I wonder, however, what will happen when a 111-year-old applies for a Bread card...


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