Google to rock the CMS market

A presentation given by Scott Johnston, the former VP of Product Development at JotSpot - which was acquired in October 2007 by Google, and reported by Andrew Miller, showed that the Search giant is looking to make its presence felt in the content management/hosted services segment.

The keynote of the presentation, which was reported as being a business pitch to engage businesses into using Google Apps, shows that Google is going to integrate Jotspot collaboration tools with Google Page Creator and deliver a final product in 2008 that could potentially compete with the likes of Sharepoint, Backpack, Grouphub and wikis as well.

Andrew Miller, the founder of Your Search Advisor, who attended the presentation wrote added that the new Google Sites will be "Based on JotSpot collaboration tools [...] Sites will allow business to set up intranets, project management tracking, customer extranets, and any number of custom sites based on multi-user collaboration."

No prices have been unveiled but it will sure make waves in the competitive world of online management but there's a hint - at least in the reporting - that Grandcentral, another Google acquisition, could be integrated with the new Google Sites.

Grandcentral provides with a link between customers' phone numbers via VoIP, something that could potentially rival Skype or small competitor Gizmo.