Internet advertising overtakes radio worldwide in 2008

ZenithOptimedia's take on Global advertising in 2008 shows that online ad spending will overtake radio ad worldwide with online ad spending increasing 24 percent from USD 36 billion to USD 44.6 billion.

The overall market share of online advertising will jump to 9.4 percent from 8.1 percent and is expected to achieve double digit share in 2009.

Online advertising will reach USD 61 billion of total advertising in 2010 with four markets (Denmark, Norway, Britain and Sweden) hitting the 20 percent mark.

Global advertising is expected to run nearly half a trillion dollars by 2008 with Television taking the bulk of it.

Even if 2008 is widely acknowledged to be a tough year, analysts are optimistic that the Olympic Games, the US presidential Election and Euro 2008 are going to boost online advertising and associated methods

This "Quadrennial kick" has been predicted by Advertising legend and WPP Chief, Martin Sorrell, as an underlying trend which would give a boost to the World economy.