Online video market heats to Microsoft

Compete, an online metrics company, has published data that points to a reinvigorated Microsoft in the online video market.

Although Youtube, now owned by Google, is still the largest online video website overall, Microsoft is quickly catching up.

Figures show that MSN grew by more than 25 percent in October to reach 21.4 million people and 35 million visitors, pushing Yahoo in the number three spot.

All other video rivals have suffered stagnation or a decrease in their number of visits in October 2007.

Youtube though will not be dislodge overnight from its pole position as the company owns more than half of the online video marketplace with the number of visits outnumbering Microsoft's by six to one.

On top of that, Youtube users also exhibit more stickiness: The average number of visits per Youtube users is twice higher than its rivals.

According to compete, the biggest loser could be newcomer Myspace, whose TV version suffered a 25 percent drop bringing its market share to only 7.6 percent.

However, Compete's statistics fail to take into consideration other notable actors such as Stage6, Dailymotion, iFilm and Photobucket (which is now owned by Myspace) and caters only for US Audiences.