Petition calls for creation of e-crime unit

A petition signed by 83 security professionals and IT experts is asking for the government to create a central "police e-crime unit" to deal with the dangers of high level cybercrime.

The online petition, which was launched by Neil Stinchcombe of Infosecurity Europe, comes after the loss of the details of 25 million Child benefit claimants were lost by the HM Revenue and customs in UK's biggest ever data-related cock-up.

The online petition has been signed by some of the most respected names in the tech sector like Lord Toby Harris who presides over the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Policing, Simon Moores or Ian Cook.

The petition calls for the creation of "a well resourced operation to address computer assisted crime (including information and identity theft from data and call centres, not just the use of the Internet to automate old crimes and invent new ones) a matter of great urgency."