Ebay partners with Yahoo Japan

Last week, traffic results by internet monitoring firm Comscore (via Vnunet) showed "a strong rise in visits to eBay UK as users searched for Christmas presents. EBay UK recorded nearly 250,000 extra visits last month." and the good news (via Interactive Investor) continued pouring in as its payment arm, Paypal posted a healthy 33 percent rise in online payment volume on the day after Thanksgiving compared with last year's Black Friday in the United States.

Now comes news that Ebay and Yahoo Japan are set to announce on Tuesday a tie-up in the Internet auctions business that could see customers of each site bidding on and buying items listed on the other, according to Infoworld.

PC Advisor adds that "The deal, which brings together the world leader in internet auctions with the largest player in the Japanese market, kicks off with the launch later today of 'Sekaimon'. The website, whose name in Japanese means 'gateway to the world', allows Yahoo Japan users access to bid on items listed on eBay's US site using their Yahoo Japan ID."

The move comes five years after Ebay pulled out of Japan following two years of difficult conditions in a market where Yahoo Japan and Rakuten are already vying for the Japanese auction market.