SAP and Microsoft in M&A talks?

SAP AG CEO Henning Kagermann said that the firm hadn't had any preliminary discussions over the acquisition of the firm by Microsoft.

Such a purchase would probably require the Redmond-based giant to break its piggy bank as the world's biggest maker of business management software as the company has a market capitalisation of USD 62.5 bn, about a fifth of Microsoft.

SAP has also released a suite of Web 2.0 tools for its latest Customer Relationship Management application.

The set of tools is said to mimic the likes of iGoogle or myYahoo page, providing users with an easy to learn dashboard to manage their information feeds and more.

SAP is also set to launch an application that allow its customers to send data to Apple Inc.

This announcement could be seen as the first sign that the corporate world sees the iPhone not only as a geek gadget but also as a useful on-the-move device.