Koreas to cooperate on Unified Linux

China will work with North and South Korea to foster the growth of a home-brewed version of Linux.

The news was broken by The Electronic Times Internet wire, which then added that several other decisions were taken to strengthen technological cooperation in this area of South East Asia.

The tentatively named Hana Linux seeks to iron out the differences in "IT terminology, between South and North Koreans and Korean Chinese."

The proposal came from the president of Hee-tak Moon of Korea Open Source Software Association (KOSSA) to his North Korean partners.

The project will also extend to other open source projects such as Open Office.org.

All three countries have agreed to help "nurturing software professionals" in Yenben and Dandung (China), and Pyongyang, Kaesong and Hoichun of Korea.

Asia is seen as a hotbed for Linux development partly because of nationalistic views and trust issues, partly because it is cheaper and more flexible.

Some could see this agreement with as suspicious eye, especially as China's involvement could spark accusation of corporate and government-level espionage.