Truphone to provide VoIP capabilities for Facebook

Truphone has released an application that will allow Facebook users and friends to interface using nothing more than a microphone and a headphone.

The application dubbed "Call me" can be dropped anywhere on a Facebook page that accepts attachment.

According to Truphone, it will allow users to publish their call me buttons all over Facebook; in messages, on friend's walls and on Facebook discussion and group boards.

Although the users do not need to register with Truphone, one can suspect that Facebook will pass over the details of the Truphone users to the VoIP company.

Interestingly, Truphone is compatible with Google Talk and with Grand Central - another Google company.

Facebook users may use the ‘Call Me’ Button on their friends’ profiles for free for a limited period before they must install the application themselves. There is no cost or commitment.

Myspace and Skype have had announced a partnership back in October 2007 to provide a single button on their Myspace profile and potentially reach 330 million users.