Vital Facebook stats fall to one year low

Compete released some details about the growth of Facebook, the hottest web property in 2007.

The figures have been released after the launch of Facebook's Beacon advertising platform, the apparent PR catastrophe that followed and the row over the leak of Mark Zuckerberg private data.

Unique visitors to the site jumped 20 percent in November to reach a whopping 29.16 million while the number of total sessions increased by nearly 5 percent to 330 millions.

Although the overall figures paint a bright picture, things turn a bit ugly when taking a step backward. While the number of unique visitors has been growing, the total number of page views and sessions has been falling.

The "per visitor" stats are even more worrying. Three important variables, unique session per visitor, page views per visitor and page views per sessions are all down.

The number of page views per visitor is arguably a very important data for advertisers and it is at its lowest level since December 2006.

Compete also provided figures regarding the number of unique visitors to the Facebook's Privacy settings page and found out that they haven't change their settings after Beacon was announced.

This doesn't mean that Apathy has set in but rather, as Valleyway pointed out, that Users may be unaware of the consequences of Beacon on their privacy, something that Facebook's internal comms department should solve.