Broadband survey reveals shock winner

A survey of customer satisfaction for UK Broadband ISPs has seen a surprising treble as Tiscali, Virgin Media and Sky topped the users' satisfaction chart.

Tiscali has been long known for its sub-par service, low transfer rates and customer services that failed to deliver consistently after being outsourced to Indialand.

All three providers offer more than broadband; as triple players, they offer fixed telephony and television on top with Virgin Media offering mobile telephony as well.

However, overall customer satisfaction has decreased as the number of customer complaints amounts for more than half of the phone inquiries.

"The 2007 study finds that call waiting times continue to increase when customers contact their ISP, with customers now waiting an average of 17 minutes before initially speaking with a representative," said Caspar Tearle, director of service industries research at JD Power and Associates which produced the survey.

Broadband prices have fallen down from GBP 26 to GBP 21 in 2007 while average connection have risen from 3.5 mbps to 4.8 mbps.

This figure might come as a surprise as 62% of people got less than half of the advertised speed of their service according to a recent study.

Pipex, one of the ISPs in the table, has been recently acquired by Tiscali and more than half a million customers have been transferred to the ISP since then.