Canadian state mulls Interpol for t'Internet

A private member's bill has been submitted to the Alberta state government that looks to create an international cyber-crime centre - a kind of Interpol for the Internet - in Calgary, Alberta.

The gameplan is to create the Global Center for Securing Cyberspace in Calgary.

"We hope to be able to bring the bill forward next year, after the elections," Ian Wilms, president of the Canadian Association of Police Boards, is quoted as saying on the UPI newswire this week.

Wilms told the newswire that a business plan for the center and backing at a government level would also be in place by then. His association and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, he said, are both backing the proposals.

Plans call for the centre to avoid being classed as a law enforcement agency, but rather a non-governmental collaborative enterprise that combines research, advocacy and policing efforts.

"We want to bring together police officers, information technology specialists, prosecutors and child exploitation experts, working with academic researchers," he explained.

Wilms has gone on record, meanwhile, as saying that Canada currently has just 245 of its 62,000 law enforcement staff dedicated to fighting cybercrime. No wonder he's recommending the creation of the GSSC...

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