Be launches CCTV-on-Broadband service

The broadband branch of Telefonica, the owner of O2, has released a new home CCTV security system that works over its broadband services.

UK Broadband service provider Be will provide to its customers a wireless indoor camera that gets linked to the Be Broadband service.

Be users can then be alerted by text, emails or MMS messages whenever the motion-sensitive camera records any movement.

The system is very easy to operate and comes with a key fob that allows the user to enable/disable the system at the touch of a button.

The service carries a setup fee of GBP 150 and an annual service charge of GBP 60. Like other Be services, usage policy is fairly generous with a monthly cap of 10 MMS and 100 SMS.

With the advent of cheap wireless colour cameras and always on high speed internet, security enthusiasts have been quick to come up with systems that allow home owners to be informed within minutes of a break in at their place.

The offer will be offered on their website soon.