Ebay frauds cause Police forces to buckle

UK Police forces are not devoting enough human and financial resources to tackle the growing problem of Ebay Scams all over the country, according to a detailed investigation carried out by PC Pro.

UK is the second largest revenue-earning country outside the United States and has more than 15 million customers, nearly a quarter of the British population.

One punter revealed to PC Pro magazine the extent of the problem after having been hit by a scam which left it a GBP 600 hole in his wallet.

He contacted his local police station only to be told that there was nothing that could be done because the police station is understaffed.

The article revolved around only one scammer that had succeeded in conning at least 20 people out of several thousands of pounds.

The rest of the report shows that there is a grave lack of communication and coordination amongst the various police forces in the country to tackle the onslaught of scams on Ebay, particularly during Christmas festive time.

Earlier last week, BBC's Watchdog TV show showed how some platinum Ebay sellers (including a reputable jeweller and a PC selling company) have been using tactics that border harassment and extortion in order to get their aggrieved buyers to give positive feedbacks.