Via launches pint size computer DIY kit

Via has had the small form factor market for itself for several years but unfortunately, it was never in a position of coming out with a killer product that would turn heads like, say the Asus EEE PC.

The Taiwanese firm has released the ArtiGO A1000 builder kit, a 15x11x4cm barebone computer which is marketed as the first Mainstream Oriented DIY kit for the VIA Pico-ITX form factor.

It is targeted mainly at enthusiasts who want to build computers around half the size of a DVD drive.

The most impressive bit of the kit is the credit card sized motherboard that is by far the smallest in PC Land.

Since this is a DIY kit, you will need to supply your own notebook-size hard disk drive, SODIMM RAM module and other peripherals.

The kit is based around a 1GHz VIA C7 processor which is equivalent to a yesteryear P3-800MHz processor and should be sold for around USD 300.

Although the kit will appeal to enthusiasts looking for a minute, silent computer, they will be less than impressed by its processor performance.