Linkedin updates site, opens to developers

Linkedin, the business-oriented social networking platform, has announced that it is opening up to developers in a bid to get more backing from app creators.

The site, which has nearly 17 million members worldwide and more than 1 million in the UK, has released more details on its blog.

The company is now offering a "compelling opportunity to build on the LinkedIn platform, whether you are trying to augment your application with LinkedIn features or deliver your application into the LinkedIn web site."

Linkedin has struck a deal with McGraw-Hill's BusinessWeek which will link Keywords in articles to Linkedin services. It remains to be seen whether this will be viewed as a pestering add-on or a genuinely useful feature.

Unlike Facebook, which opened its site back in May, Linkedin will be selective from the onset in a bid to get the best business applications onboard.

The Social Network company, which was the fastest growing in its segment, has been rumoured to be be a target acquisition for Rupert Murdoch with a price set at USD 1 bn.

Developers will be invited to use Google's Open Social platform and Linkedin own APIs and Gadgets to bring Linkedin to the developers’ applications and viceversa.

Linkedin has also updated its feature list and now allows company news RSS feed ranked by relevance and popularity within the user's company network.

Additionally, it will offer customizable modules (people, jobs and answers) and in a bid to catch up Facebook, has released a "Network Update" section which will allow users to get the grips on what is essentially a 'professional grapevine'.