Toshiba to launch 128GB Solid State Drive

Toshiba, which is the second largest maker of flash memory, has announced that it would be manufacturing solid state drives with a capacity of up to 128GB.

The move comes as the world braces for even more and larger solid state drives, leaving magnetic, spindle based hard drives to occupy the entry level or very high capacity range.

The Japanese chip maker which also manufactures traditional hard disk drives, is the latest component manufacturer to join the SSD bandwagon.

Micron, Samsung and SanDisk have already joined in with many more to follow soon.

The urge for solid state storage has been driven by the fact that SSDs consume less energy, are almost immune to shakes and shocks, are near silent and boosts remarkable boot time.

Several multi-million unit laptop projects like Asus' EEE and the MIT's XO/OLPC laptop will use SSD rather than normal hard drives to provide with primary storage.