Amazon upgrades Paypal Competitor

Like Google, Amazon has a number of products and services running in the background, unbeknown to most mortals.

The brick and mortar giant has been busy preparing Amazon Payments which is an online competitor to the likes of Paypal and Google Checkout.

Amazon has yet to open up to all third parties to use Amazon Payments as a means of payment and has limited rather than encourage its growth outside the Amazon ecosystem.

The e-tailer has released three widgets that are used just like a Paypal payment button : Static, Dynamic and Alternate Payment Method to suit the various needs of potential users.

However, as Mashable's Mark Hopkins writes, there's not enough incentives to drive people from using Paypal or Google Checkout.

Amazon's Payment service is said to be the most expensive of the three contenders with Google being the most aggressive both in terms of discounts and promotions to sellers and buyers alike.